Welcome to CV Lopez Editing. My name is Cathy and I would love to be your editor.

After receiving my MFA in Creative Writing from University of Texas–Rio Grande Valley in 2010, I realized that my favorite part of the process had been commenting on and editing the work of my peers. The next year, my friend Sarah and I began work to launch Devilfish Review, our own online magazine of speculative fiction. We published from 2011 through 2018, including such authors as Beth Cato and Sarah Gailey. 

With three years of graduate school workshops and theory courses (including poetry, screenwriting, and creative non-fiction) as well as ten years of professional editing under my belt, I’m ready to offer my services to you. My specialization is in science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction, but all of them were forbidden in my graduate program, leaving me just as strong an editor of “literary” fiction. I can edit your short fiction, your short story collection as a whole, or your novel. 

But why me instead of your cousin who did really well in English class? There is more to editing than catching mechanical mistakes. There is plot, character, style, phrasing, and so much more. I have the experience and know-how to help you put your best work forward.

I suspect Cathy is an X-Man whose super power is an uncanny ability to zero in on exactly the areas of a story that need fixing—you know those places in your story deep down in your soul; you traced your ghost fingers over those places and managed to convince yourself that it was all okay. Every time Cathy’s read my work, her feedback has inspired the story to grow in stronger and more elegant directions. – Jilly Dreadful, author of Cosmobiological: Stories