The type of editing you need changes throughout the writing process, and I can help at every stage. My rates are based on the guidelines set forth by the Editorial Freelancers Association. Turnaround time depends on the scope of the project, and will be agreed upon before I start work.

Developmental Editing
Developmental editing helps to make sure your structure makes sense before we start tightening the grammatical nuts and bolts that hold it together. I’ll look at plot and characterization. I may suggest that some scenes be expanded on. I may suggest that some scenes be reduced or cut. All suggestions are in the interest of the flow of the story and I’ll work with you to be sure your ideas shine.
Rate: 2 cents a word.

Now we come to the nuts and bolts. This is what most people think of when it comes to editing. Here is where I look at grammar concerns, style, consistency, basic fact checking, and clarity. I won’t rewrite anything, just make suggestions. I am committed to keeping your voice in your work. My goal is for the reader to never realize I was here.
Rate: 1 cent a word for basic copyediting to 3 cents a word for heavy copyediting. Contact me and we’ll work out what level of editing you need.

Your structure is sound. Your sentences are clear. Now what? One last set of eyes to catch the things that always fall through the cracks. I’ll make sure no stray spaces slipped in, that spellcheck didn’t miss a mistake because the mistake is also a valid word, and generally make sure any changes from the copyediting stage are polished and ready to go.
Rate: 1 cent a word.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at